Aquanos is revolutionizing wastewater treatment with a reinvented up-flow Anaerobic sludge blanket with TWO stages, specially designed for treating high strength wastewater, The GEMINI©.

The Gemini is a two-stage Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) reactor. UASB’s are well-known technology, however these traditional one-stage anaerobic treatment systems have been in need of an upgrade, and the GEMINI is an efficient and innovative solution for meeting that requirement

UASB Gemini system

UASB Gemini system


    ✓ Up to 95% removalThe Gemini system can achieve 70-80% removal of TSS and organic matter in one stage, and up to 95% removal with two stages. 

✓  Economical & Effective: Significantly more effective than primary clarification, Gemini limits the amount of costly aerobic systems needed for secondary treatment while producing less than 10% of excess sludge.

✓    Turnkey Custom Design: Delivered specifically based on a customer’s influent characteristics and effluent requirements.

✓    Traditional Technology, Enhanced Capabilities: The Gemini is based on traditional and well-understood wastewater technology that has been redesigned to create a uniquely efficient system.                 

✓    Compact and Reliable: Occupying significantly less space and requiring virtually no maintenance, the Gemini packs a big bunch with minimal footprint. 


Aquanos deployed a two-stage UASB Gemini in a medium size dairy farm in Northern Israel. Israel's hot middle-eastern climate makes herd cooling of a $3 Billion dairy industry a necessity. 

When temperatures hit 32 degrees Celsius, milk production losses can be between 20-30%. Countries including Israel, South Africa, and Australia keep their cows cool with fans, misting, and spraying.

With this added water use, however comes increased wastewater. In Israel, dairy farm effluent standards for discharging wastewater to local WWTPs are getting stricter, specifically requiring effluent content of 800 mg/L of COD and 400 mg/L of TSS.

The Gemini at the Beit Hillel dairy farm has been steadily meeting the effluent standards set in Israel, controlling pollution output and providing the opportunity to extract biogas to be burned, cleanly fueling the farm’s operations.