The Aquanos team

Our management team consists of accomplished industry professionals in the water and wastewater markets.  All of our team members hold technical diplomas with decades of combined hands-on experience in design, building, commissioning, and top management positions within the market.

Udi Leshem


Udi earned an MSc. degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Following his graduation, he had become acquainted with both the technical aspects of the water market through a consultant position in a leading consulting firm job and of the commercial aspects of the field through his position as a sales manager for Siemens Water Technologies. Udi served as VP for Business Development and marketing in Aqwise, a company that specializes in wastewater treatment. In this position, Udi was in charge of both development of new markets and establishing strategic relationships and commercialization of the company's new products



Remy Blanc


With a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from the Hebrew University, for the past 17 years Remy has been involved in wastewater treatment. Starting his career in Operations, Remy has commissioned, operated and managed the largest municipal wastewater treatment plants in Israel. Following this, Remy worked as a Head of Process Engineering in DHV MED Ltd, the Israeli subsidiary of DHV Water of Holland, involved in Process Design and Modeling of all aspects of municipal wastewater treatment. For the past 5 years, as an independent consultant, he has been involved in design and implementation of novel biological processes, working mainly on biofilm systems for treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater.



Adi Avni


Adi holds double BSc. degrees in chemistry and chemical engineering from the Ben-Gurion University. She also holds a MSc. Degree from the Institute for Water Research in Sede Boker. Following her graduation Adi worked for several companies including Teva and Intel. Prior to joining Aquanos, Adi worked as a process engineer for Aqwise, gaining in-depth experience in fixed film processes.


Saar Ram-On


Saar earned a Field Engineering Degree from Tel-Aviv University.  Saar started his career in the water industry at Siemens water overseeing and managing wastewater plant construction and operations.  After Siemens, Saar joined Intel Corporation where he was managing operations for their industrial wastewater facility in Israel.  Saar brings to Aquanos years of hands-on operational expertise in all aspects of wastewater treatment plants, construction, operations, control and maintenance



Gilad Yogev


Gilad holds a B.Sc. in Environmental Engineering from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. Gilad brings experience in research and knowledge of biological processes in wastewater treatment, water chemistry and environmental microbiology. Following his graduation, Gilad joined Aquanos to develop innovative solutions for algae-based wastewater treatment.

Max Finder


Max leads business development for Aquanos. Holding a B.Eng. in mechanical engineering from McGill University, Max was previously an Associate and early founding team member at Inerjys, a targeted $300M cleantech investment vehicle, where he led a number of the firm’s investor relations and business development efforts. Prior to Inerjys, Max co-founded Startupifier, The Founder Project and was a member of the founding teams of several startups in Canada and the United States, focusing on sales, marketing, and fundraising. He also consulted for a pulp and paper company trying to enter the wood-composite sector. In his spare time, Max has led fundraising efforts for the Ghetto Shul in Montreal, he spoke at the inaugural TEDxMcGill on the value of student entrepreneurship. 


Jon Liberzon


Jon earned an M.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering from the Technion institute. Focusing on algal biology, ecology and physiology, Jon has built and optimized algae-based wastewater treatment systems for US-based Algal Scientific Corporation, where he served as Director of Wastewater Operations. Jon brings his skills and experience to Aquanos with the goal of continuously improving our technology through rigorous research on Aquanos' wastewater-fed algal communities.


Scenedesmus sp.



First calssified by F.J.F. Meyen in 1829, Scenedesmus is a genus of colonial algae with 4, 8, or 16 cells arranged in a row. A common component of freshwater plankton, Scenedesmus is used in experimental work on problems of pollution and photosynthesis. In sewage purification processes, it provides oxygen for the bacterial breakdown of organic matter. Scenedesus brings to Aquanus billions of years of selection, evolution and know-how.